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Checking your Glucose Values is not about the numbers – it is about the frequency. Gluco-Share sets goals and challenges based on certain times of day to encourage, motivate, and support sticking to a regimen.

Defining Check

  • How many times does it happen when your child forgets to check his or her blood sugar at school?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if your smartphone or email notified you that they forgot to check, and if they did (or did not) check, it would not only notify them, but also their teacher, their school nurse, as well as yourself at home or work simultaneously?

  • How often do you ask them if they had a good day at school and they replied "With my school work or my diabetes?"

  • Wouldn't you like to know how their "diabetic day" went without even having to ask?

  • Could having this knowledge up-front, without having to ask them (or their teachers) one question about their numbers have a positive impact on your "everyday" after-school discussion and your developing relationships and trust?

If you answered "YES" to more than half these questions then you will find value in Gluco-Share.


Demonstrating Check

  • For the person living with diabetes, entering blood glucose information is easy. Click in the Glucose Value field and enter the number.

    • Glucose Time of entry is automatically provided. You may change the time of entry if you would like. Enter the amount of insulin delivered.

    • Type a special note if desired relating to how you are feeling or mention a special circumstance for a high or low number (e.g. "high" due to taking albuterol for asthmatic episode, or "low" due to extremely hot summer day).

    • Checking with regularity and frequency leads to rewards and points which add up to the ablilty to play puzzles, games, contests, tournaments, and peer-to-peer challenges.

  • For the non-diabetic, the person living with diabetes' peer can also "check-in" on their friend to see how he or she is doing, so the peer can "share" a personal note back to him or her.
  • The non-diabetic advocate also gets to share in Gluco Points accumulated every time the person they are supporting checks in with Gluco-Share.