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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Gluco Points for? I keep seeing my Gluco Point bar change colors and I am not sure what is happening.

Gluco Points are the points you see growing in your Gluco Points Bar on the top left of the menu. As the Gluco Points grow in number, the Gluco Points Bar itself will change colors at different levels to mark your progress. You will start off with Silver as a new member and as you progress your colors will keep changing. When you reach a new level (new color), you will be allowed to enter exciting new contests and events, play in competitions, enjoy the privileges of your high ranking with fun options, and receive Gluco-Share gifts for your outstanding loyalty to Gluco-Share. Each level becoms a little harder to attain.

HERE IS A SECRET: Gluco Points can grow very quickly if you invite friends and family to support you. Not only do you get 4 points for each of your on-time entries, but each time your support team enters an on-time entry, you will get 2 points from them! The more friends - the more points! And you will be helping them to gain points and grow also.

Be sure you have given them permission to share in your points by saying "Yes" to "Can Your Friend View Your Rewards and Receive Points?" on the permissions page. For more details on how to set their permssions, follow this link. And be sure they have your permission set to "Yes" so you can gain from their on-time entries too! It's all about support!!

To read more about Rewards, including Gluco Points and Medallions, click this link.

Can you explain how the notifications work? Also, on what devices is your app available? I have an android phone.

There are two types of notifications;

1) Reminders
You can enter your name or anyone who is on your Friends List when setting this up. You then set up a time to be "reminded" that a BG entry has not been made by this person or yourself and then you set the time to start checking and the days of the week (or every day).

Example: John should check his BG between 1:00pm and 3:00pm every day. He would set a reminder to start checking to see if he has made an entry yet starting at 1:00pm. He would also set the reminder for every day and to send him the "alert" at 2:45pm (so he still has time to meet the 3:00pm challenge). If he has NOT entered a reading by 2:45pm, he would get a SMS text message or an email that says "John has not entered a glucose reading within the last 1 hour and 45 minutes." If he does enter a reading, John would never see this message since he has fulfilled  his goals.

2) Checked Notifications
You can ONLY set this up for others - not for yourself. There is no time constraint on this - other than turning on the days to be reminded. ANYTIME that a BG reading is entered for the person on your Friends List you will get a SMS text or an email that says "John has entered a Glucose reading."
IF you have permission to see someone's BG numbers (only your friend or parent can give this permission) then the message will show the number too. Ex. "John has entered a Glucose reading of 124."

The app is only for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Facebook app currently. We hope to roll out the Android in about one month..

Can people be part of this through just e-mail? For example, Grandma does not have a smart phone or facebook but wants to help support the Grandchild.

The only way to "access" Gluco-Share currently is via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and/or via a Facebook website account. We are working diligently on a version that can be accessed via any website browser on any computer. So if Grandma wants to access Gluco-Share, she can do so through any browser soon!

But in the meantime, someone in the family could set up an account for Grandma using her email account. Once she is setup, you can make Grandma a "friend" of her Grandchild, and then set up "Reminders" and "Notifications".  Then, without Grandma ever having to use Gluco-Share directly, Grandma would get an email that "Grandchild has just entered her BG reading." and it would show the date and time - and, if Grandma is given permission, she could even see the BG Reading numbers. Then Grandma can call or send an email to Grandchild and say, "Good job!"

Also Reminders could be sent to Grandma telling her that it has been 1.5 hours and Grandchild has not taken a reading. Grandma can then phone or email and say to Grandchild, "Honey! It has been 90 minutes and you need to do your reading!! Do you need some help?" etc.

Another great reason to set up Grandma now is when that time comes that she can finally starts fully using the account via a web browser, she will be accumulating Gluco Points all this time while waiting. Every time Grandchild enters her BG on time Grandchild will get 4 Gluco Points and Grandma will get 2 Gluco Points!!! Those points add up to great fun, contests, and activities. And Grandma can be sharing in these points now.

I emailed a friend to join me on Gluco-Share and never got a response. Is something wrong with the "invite a friend" feature?

If you invite someone using the "email" method (as opposed to the Facebook method), there are several things that you need to be sure are in place. The MOST IMPORTANT would be typing in the email correctly and/or knowing the correct email address. Gluco-Share gets many "bounced" emails back that say the invite is undeliverable due to "bad email" or "account does not exist". So be sure you typed it correctly. If the person is already a member of Gluco-Share, you should see on your friends list <Pending Acceptance> next to their name. If they are NOT a member of Gluco-Share, you will see <Pending Registration> next to the email address you typed. Check the email address. If it is wrong, delete the invite (swipe and delete) and try again with the correction.

Also when you invite, be sure that you have a WiFi connection. The invite goes out immediately and if there is not a signal, then it will not go out. Gluco-Share only tries once.

For more information on this subject check out our great tutorials on the Instructions & Manuals page.

Will Gluco-Share be coming out with an Android version?

Currently we do not have an Android version under development, however, we are developing a very rich web app environment that will run on all web browser capable mobile devices and computers. Also, the web app will also be available as an addition to your existing app library on your Facebook page for added convenience and versatility. This will make Gluco-Share available to anybody regardless of mobile device. You won't even need a mobile device to be a member of Gluco-Share and enjoy all of it's features. We anticipate our web app feature to be available in November (2012).  Thank you for your patience.