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Getting Started

Gluco-Share has a lot to offer and there is a lot to do with the app so to help you get started and to introduce you to the app this section "Getting Started" is a quick start walk through to make sure you have all you need to get going and enjoy the benefits Gluco-Share has to offer.

The steps you should take to get going with Gluco-Share are:

Install the App and Register via IOS Mobile

Install the App and Register via Facebook App

Create a Profile
Setup your Daily Challenges for Points
Choose a Weekly Challenge for Rewards
Enter your Blood Glucose
Invite Friends
Setup Notifications and Reminders
If you are a parent, you should also set up your Child's account.

After you have performed all the above steps, you will be using the basics that Gluco-Share has to offer.

Each of the items above are explained in detail via our Tutorials. Simply click on the subject matter to get started with each item.

As you progress and use Gluco-Share you will be gaining Points and Rewards that can be used and redeemed toward great gifts, prizes, and contests! To learn more about what our Rewards and Redemptions are about, click here.