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Turning your Readings into Rewards

Without rewards, there is no strong motivation.
So Gluco-Share recognizes achievements in personal goals with Reward Medallions and Gluco Points
based on levels of completion. Points based on Daily and Weekly Challenges quickly add up to points that can be redeemed
for actual gifts, toys, supplies, and games.

Rewards through Challenges

In order to earn any points, the participant first first set up Daily Challenges. Each time a Blood Glucose reading is entered during the time frame of the Daily Challenge points are earned in the form of Gluco Points. If the entry was on time, 4 points are gained. If the entry was late, 2 points are rewarded. If no entry was made, no points are added.

For peers/parents/advocates/supporters, each time the friend living with diabetes that you support meets their challenges, you are also rewarded Gluco Points based on how well they did. The more you help them stay on top of their challenges, the more rewards and points you gain also.

Reward Medallions
are given each time a "perfect week" is attained. You simply select one of your Daily Challenges to be set as your Weekly Challenge and strive to get a perfect week during that Weekly Challenge. Each week you complete perfectly keeps adding to your collection of Reward Medallions.

Redeeming Rewards - We realize that Rewards and Points are meaningless unless you can Redeem them for great prizes and gifts. With Gluco-Share you can! We are the only app that actually turns your Rewards into redeemable items. We have over 800 items to for you to choose, from school supplies, toys, games, crafts, camping supplies, and more!

Progress for Challenges

At any time, it is easy to see where your points are coming from and review your progress for the past weeks.

When the person living with diabetes puts in his/her glucose number, the designated friend, peer, or parent will be alerted that the goal has been met if notifications have been set.

Feedback and encouragement can then be given back immediately. Or the peer can give an update on their own challenge that they are attempting to achieve. It is all about working together as a team with Gluco-Share!