Welcome to the Challenges Page!

A big part of Gluco-Share is setting up your Daily Challenges. We have made it easy for you to set up any number of Challenges based on the time of day.

If you are just starting, you will have NO Challenges set up. Your screen will look like image #1.

You should add some Challenges by clicking on any of the "Add Challenge" buttons. It does not really matter which "Add Challenge" button you click on. They will all take you to the same place.

After you have added some Challenges and you come back to the Challenge Page, your screen will look more like image #2. The names of the Challenges will be different than the image on the left based on what you chose for your Challenges.

The Add Challenge button takes you to a page where you can add a Challenge to your list of Daily Challenges. You can add as many as you like. There are 10 possible Challenges available.
The Challenge Time Clock Icon will be displayed after you have selected a Challenge and returned to this page. The names given to each Challenge are for reference only. The main thing to guide you is the time listed. Each Time Clock is a period of time. When you selected a Challenge, the Time Clock will appear automatically in the order of time of day from 12:00am to 11:59pm. So you will always see your Challenges displayed in the correct order as your day progresses.
If you change your mind and do not want to use a chosen Challenge, simply click on the Time Clock representing the Challenge you want to delete and you will be taken to a Challenge Details page where you have a choice to Delete the Challenge.
If you want some details on the Challenge you have chosen or you want to see your progress so far, simply click on the Challenge and the Challenge Details page will come up. See the section on Challenge Details for more in depth information.
Weekly Reward Challenges - In order to reap the benefits of using Gluco-Share and be able to be rewarded for your hard work and efforts, you need to have one - and ONLY one - of your Daily Challenges set up as the one that will represent your Weekly Reward Challenge. Each week Gluco-Share will give you Medallions based on a perfect on-time week. Each Medallion can be redeemed for tangible rewards and products. If you do NOT see a Time Clock with a Medallion attached to it (as shown to the left), then you have NOT set up a Weekly Reward Challenge. You will still get daily Gluco Points but you MUST set up one of your Daily Challenges as a Weekly Reward Challenge. So be sure you see one Time Clock with a Medallion attached!