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This is the Challenge Details page.

You can reach this page from your Challenges page. Simply click on the Challenge you wish to see more detail about and you will arrive at this page - the Challenge Details page.

Your goal is to take your Blood Glucose (BG) reading frequently and consistently. By setting up Challenges, Glucose-Share helps you to be consistent and rewards you for meeting these challenges.

So for each Challenge you accept, your goal is to check your BG between the time's hours that you select. Every time you do so ON TIME, you will get a Green Check Mark worth 4 Gluco Points. Best of all, if you get a full week of Green Check Marks (7 days in a row from Monday to Sunday) you will get a Reward Medallion. Each Medallion adds up to redeemable rewards.

For more on Gluco Points, Medallions, Green Check Marks, and Yellow Check Marks, click here.

Each time has a name and a range of hours. The hours cover every possible time of a 24 hour day from 12:01am to 11:59pm. The names are for reference only such as "Brunch", "Lunch", "Bedtime". For example, if you eat lunch at 2:30pm each day then you should choose the time that fits your schedule - Afternoon 2pm to 5pm. Just because we call it Lunch does not mean that is lunch for you. Choose the times that are right for you. Choose the times when you will be checking your Blood Glucose each day. This is to help you be consistent and frequent.
If you change your mind and do not want to use a chosen Challenge, simply click on the small Delete button to the right of the Challenge image and you will be taken to a page where you can then confirm that you want to Delete the Challenge. Don't worry! You can always change your mind. Also, if you have collected any Gluco Points or Reward Medallions based on this Challenge, they will stay credited to you. Once you have points, you don't lose them until you Redeem them.

Weekly Reward Challenges - In order to reap the benefits of using Gluco-Share and be able to be rewarded for your hard work and efforts, you need to have one - and ONLY one - of your Daily Challenges set up as the one that will represent your Weekly Reward Challenge. Each week Gluco-Share will give you Medallions based on a perfect on-time week. Each Medallion can be redeemed for tangible rewards and products. All you have to do to make this Daily Challenge your Weekly Reward Challenge is to click on the icon. You will see a Medallion attached to your Challenge as pictured to the left. BE WARNED - if you have already set up one of your other Challenges as your Weekly Reward Challenge, then this new one will replace the current one. That is because you can only have ONE Weekly Reward Challenge. Be sure you see one Time Clock with a Medallion attached!

Current Week - This will show you your progress for your current week from Monday to Sunday. If you see a Green Check Mark, you entered your Blood Glucose (BG) reading on time. If you see a Yellow Check Mark, you entered your BG reading late. If you see a "NO" Symbol, you never entered a reading for this time at all. DON'T FORGET - getting a solid week of Green Check Marks will give you Reward Medallions that can be redeemed for tangible Rewards. One week is good for one Medallion, two weeks in a row is good for two Medallions, etc. For more on Gluco Points, Medallions, Green Check Marks, and Yellow Check Marks, click here.

History - This will show you all the past weeks you have completed for this Challenge so you can review your progress with an easy to understand graphic. If you had a History with this Challenge, but you have deleted the Challenge, and now you have set it back up again, the History will start over so you will not see any past entries. Deleting a Challenge deletes the History too, however, you will never lose the Gluco Points and Reward Medallions associated with this Challenge.