Check - Enter BG

This is the Check page where you will enter your Blood Glucose (BG).

This is one of the pages you will be coming to most often. Each time you take a meter reading, enter the readings into the form on this page.

To start, you should see YOUR name on the form. If you are entering information for a friend/child then you will see your friend/child's name.

You can only enter information for another person if they gave you permission to do so.

Glucose Value - This is a required field. This is where you enter your meter's reading. You can use Decimals but a Number is required - no text! If you are entering the number as a "mg/dl", then you can only enter a number range greater than 10 and less than 1,000. If you are entering the number as a "mmol/l", then you are limited to the range greater than 1 and less than 50.

MG/DL or MMOL/L - This is a pull down menu for you to select between a weight dimension (mg/dl) or a molarity count (mmol/l). The most common (and default) is mg/dl but you can choose what is right for you. The selection will affect what range of numbers you can enter under Glucose Value. See the above paragraph for a more detailed explanation of the number ranges.



Med Units of Insulin - Enter here whatever you like. Be sure you only enter a number - no text! There is no range or restriction on the number you enter.

Glucose Date & Time - It is very important that you enter the Date and Time correctly. If you are entering your information on time, the Date and Time, by default, will be set to the current Date and Time and you won't need to change anything. However, Glucose Points and Reward Medallions are determined and rewarded based on your Challenges and entering a BG Reading on time. You may need to change the Date and Time in order to reflect the correct Date and Time that you actually took your reading. With Gluco-Share, we realize that a meter reading can't always be entered right away. You may be out of wi-fi range or unable to get to a device or website to enter your information right away. You can still be awarded Gluco Points, even if you are late. So put in the correct information so you always get Rewarded for doing a great job.

Comment - This field is not a required field. It is optional. It is here for you to record your feelings, diet, issues, or anything you want to say concerning the Blood Glucose Entry. It will be included in the Glucose Entry Details information.

Above the History, you will see two buttons. One is for Exporting your information to an Excel file format (.xlsx) and the other is for Exporting your information to a CSV file format (.csv). All you have to do is click on one or the other and all your BG History will be emailed to you in the format you have chosen. It will be sent to the email you have used as your login email. Be sure you check your email for it. Don't forget to check your junk folder in case it landed in there. It will be coming from

Last of all, you will see a History of all the past entries you have made. Glucose Date will list the entries by Date and Time. The Value shows the BG Entry information. If you are on friend/child's page looking at their History, you may see only zeros for the entries. You need permission from your friend/child to see the actual numbers. The Details icon can be clicked on to see a more detailed page of your entries. See Glucose Entry Details for more information.

At the bottom of the History table you will see a Next or Prev button to go through your pages of history. Your list will grow and grow as you use Gluco-Share and the History table only shows the last 10 actions. To see more, be sure to click on Next and Prev to page through your information. After you go to the Next page, you will see a new button option appear - First Page. Clicking on the First Page button will take you back to the first page of your information so you can quickly and easily get back to your most current information and it will be displayed in the History table.