Check > Glucose Entry Details

This is the page where you get a detailed view of your Blood Glucose entry or the details of one of your friends Blood Glucose entries.

You can see all the information entered but you can also Delete this particular record if you find it is incorrect. You can NOT alter or edit any information once it is entered, but you can Delete it and re-enter the information correctly if you need to do so.

There is a lot of important information on this page so let's take a closer look at the information it provides.

The above field shows the Glucose Date. This is the date and time the Blood Glucose reading was taken via meter. This information comes from your meter or entered manually. This date can be altered when entering the information. It is important that this information reflects when the reading took place to keep the record accurate and consistent. If the blood test took place at 2:00pm, then this time should properly reflect that information.

The above field shows the Glucose Value. This information will show what the reading was at the time it was taken. It will also show if it is a weight dimension (mg/dl) or a molarity count (mmol/l). Be aware that if you are looking at a friend's page and you do NOT have permission to see their actual Glucose Value figures then the number in here will be all zeros. If you want to see the numbers, your friend has to give you that permission in their permission settings for you.

The above field shows the Insulin amount applied after the Blood Glucose reading.

The above field shows the Entered Date. The date and time may vary from the Glucose Date above it. This is not something that can be altered when entering a reading. Our system will mark the actual time and date entered. If your reading was on time, then both Glucose Date and Entered Date fields will match. However, if you entered the information late, the dates and times may differ dramatically. It is important that our system records the exact time and date entered because Medallions and Glucose Points are based on accurate on-time entries.

The above field shows Entered By. If you have given permission to a friend or supporter to enter a Blood Glucose reading for you and they entered this particular reading for you then that person's name will appear here. An example of this would be allowing your child's school nurse or teacher to enter the BG on your child's behalf by entering information on their own smart phone device or computer. This permission was given to them by you in their permissions settings. You can turn this feature off or on from the Friends List. However, with the permission to enter, comes the permission to Delete an entry also, so be careful to whom you give this privilege!

The above field shows the Comment. If no comment or text was added during the entry this field will be blank. We encourage you to include notes and comments on how you are feeling or if there is anything in regards to this reading that you want to remember or go on record. You will find a simple comment will save a lot of time and frustration later when a feeling or a moment is lost or hard to remember. It also lets your supporter see how you are doing and be able to give you some feedback.

If this is your own record or you have permission from your friend to "add and remove" a record, you will see a Delete This Record button below. If you are looking at a friend's information and you do NOT have permission to "add and remove" a record, then you will NOT see any Delete This Record button. Don't worry if you hit the Delete by mistake. You will be taken to another screen where you will have to confirm the Delete before it actually takes place. We've got you covered!