As a Parent, you are in complete control. You will be able to completely control how your Child uses Gluco-Share. You will be able to set different levels of permissions. You can decide what sections and options your Child can access. You can monitor their Friends and even review your Child's Chats.

If an underage Child tries to register with Gluco-Share, they will be stopped and an email to their Parent/Guardian will sent out. The only way an underage Child can use Gluco-Share is for the Parent/Guardian to set up the account for them.

As a Parent, you will need to be registered yourself first. To sign up, please see our Tutorial section on Downloading the App and Registering.

After you are registered, you can then set up your Children's memberships.

Click on the "Children" icon on the left menu. You will be taken to a screen where you can add your Child.




A form will come up asking for the information on your Child. The "Email Used For Login" must be a unique email for your Child to use. Do NOT enter your own email account. Each email is used as a unique user id and your Child must have a unique email that no one else (including the Parent) is using.

Be sure to type in a Password twice for confirmation and then do NOT lose the Password. Your Child will need the Email and the Password you assign in order to access their own Gluco-Share account.


We will be using Screen Names in the near future, so please enter one here that you and your Child agree on.

Enter your Child's Date of Birth.



If you will be sending Notifications to your Child via a Text Message, we will need to know the mobile phone number and provider. If you leave the phone number field blank, then you can only send out Notifications via email – and the email we will send to will be the Login Email you entered previously.


Your Address Information is optional. However, we like to keep track of where are members are located for comparing regions and demographics. Also, when we have contests and events that are specific to your area, we can alert you via Email. So we encourage you to give us an address you would like us to have for our records regarding you or your Child.


We would like to know your Child's diabetic status for our records. Also if they have any relationship to someone who is living with diabetes, we would appreciate you sharing any of that information also.

Only share with us what you are comfortable in sharing about your Child. This information is only for comparisons and statistics internally.

When you are finished, click on the "Save This Information" button and you are done! You can edit this information at any time. Just be sure to always save if you are satisfied with your changes.