Children > Edit Children Permissions

After you create your Child's Profile (see section), you need to set the Permissions for your Child. The first section of Permissions is VERY important. The ONLY one that is set to "Yes" by default is the Permission for your Child to use Gluco-Share. If you turn this off, your Child will NOT be able to log in to their account. Only turn this off if you need to stop all activities that your Child has access to. Otherwise, leave this on.

If you are going to let your Child have the ability to invite Friends on their own, turn this next Permission on. If you leave this turned off, then you will have to invite all the Friends for your Child yourself.

The last Permission in this category is the Permission for the Child to Chat with their Friends. Be Aware! - if you wish to Chat with your Child, this must be turned on. You are considered a Friend of your Child. If you are worried about your Child chatting with others, you can view your Child's Chats at any time and you even have the ability to stop a Friend from Chatting with your Child - and even to delete the Friend of your Child completely. You are always in control!


The next category of Permissions are:

Can your Child decide if a Friend can enter or delete a BG entry for them?
Can your Child decide if a Friend can see their BG numbers?
Can your Child decide if a Friend benefits from their Gluco Points as a "thank you" for support?

Don't forget. You can always return and change the Permissions at any time. The change will take place immediately.

When you have finished adding any and all Children, you will now see a list of the Children you are in charge of. At any time you may Edit Permissions, check on who their Friends are, and update and edit their Profile.

Also, if you need to, you can Delete your Child.

If you want to stop your Child from using Gluco-Share, the best method is going into their Profile and turning off the Permission to use Gluco-Share. It is immediate and prevents an accidental deletion of your Child.

Once you add your Child, you will be added automatically to their list of Friends and they will be added to yours. Be sure you set the Permissions for your Child as your Friend also. See Tutorial on Friend's Permissions.