Children > Friends

Want to see your Children's Friends? In your Child's list, click on Friends and you will be taken to a list of your Child's Friends. This list was created by your Child inviting Friends with your Permission or you invited them on behalf of your Child.

Friends can be other Parent, Relative, School Nurse, Peers, or Doctor - any one who is willing to be involved in your Child's life and has a need to be able to show and give support.

In your Child's Friends List, you will see any Pending or active Friends. This page works just like the Friends List, except you will be acting on behalf of your Child.

You can look at the Permissions your Child's Friend has for interaction with your Child - and you can edit them.

You can also look at the Challenges and Blood Glucose readings that your Child's Friend has to date.

If you don't want your Child to be Friends with someone on this list, simply Delete the Friend. This is your Child and you are in control!