Welcome to the Dashboard!

This page is the main page or "Home" page for Gluco-Share. Here you can see all the action taking place on your account.

A new chat, a new reading, a new web link, a new announcement, and any progress or rewards will show up here.

This page will be your main resource to see what is going on with your membership.

If you are just starting, you will probably only see Messages from Gluco-Share and some Web Links. This page will become populated as you set up challenges, make friends, enter blood glucose, and start earning Reward Medallions and Gluco Points.

You will want to visit this page often!

Since there is a lot to see, Gluco-Share has created a Filter Bar
that will let you easily turn on or off the items you wish to see.

The Chats Filter will only show you the chats between you and your friends. When you see this icon in your Dashboard, just click on it to go right to chat with your friend and to read chats from the past. You can also see if your message has been "Read" or only "Sent" and not opened yet.
The Progress Filter will only show you the progress you are making with your Blood Glucose readings and entries. Monitoring your progress is important. The more you check your Blood Glucose on a frequent and consistent manner, the more Gluco Points and Reward Medallions you will collect! This filter will show you where your points are coming from. Also, if someone sent you a Medallion or you earned a Medallion, it will show up here with details about where it came from. Check it often.
The Messages Filter will only show you messages and announcements that Gluco-Share sends you. When you start out, this is probably all you will see - a Welcome Message from Gluco-Share.
The Entries Filter will only show Blood Glucose entries. You can see entries you have made as well as your friends' entries (as long as they have set the permissions for you to do so). For more details on any of the listings, simply click on the Entries Icon and you will be taken to a detailed account for the reading.
The Links Filter will only show you any Web Links that Gluco-Share would like to share with you. Simply click on the Links Icon and a new window will open to show you the website referred to.
At the bottom of the Dashboard you will see a Next or Prev button to go through your pages of history. Your list will grow and grow as you use Gluco-Share and the Dashboard only shows the last 10 actions. To see more, be sure to click on Next and Prev to page through your information. After you go to the Next page, you will see a new button option appear - First Page. Clicking on the First Page button will take you back to the first page of your information so you can quickly and easily get back to your most current information and it will be displayed on the Dashboard.