Friends > Add New Friend via Facebook

If you belong to Facebook, you can invite Friends that are currently your Friends on Facebook.

They MUST be Facebook Friends in order to use this method. When this page appears, you will see a list of all your current Facebook Friends. Simply find the one you want to invite and click on their name.

You can ONLY invite one Friend at a time via this method. You can not click on multiple names.



After clicking on a Friend's name in your Facebook list you will see this page. Before you finish sending the invitation out to your Facebook Friend, set their Permissions. If you do NOT set them, they will default to all Permissions being turned off. Your three choices to set are as follows:

Can Your Friend Add and Delete a Glucose Entry For You? - if you set this to YES, then they can add a Blood Glucose reading for you via the Check page or Delete a reading from your History.
Can Your Friend View Your Glucose Values? - if you set this to YES, then the actual numbers you entered will show up for them to see in your History, on their Dashboard, and under Check in their Friends List. If you are not comfortable with this, then turn it to NO.
Can Your Friend View Your Rewards and Receive Points? - if you set this to YES, then they can see your Challenges and see how you are doing with your readings being on time. Also every time you get 4 Gluco Points for an on-time reading, they will benefit by getting 2 Gluco Points for themselves. If you have a late reading, you will get 2 Gluco Points and they will get 1 Gluco Point. This a way for you to Reward your Friends for their support. For more information on the Point System and Reward Explanations, see the section concerning this subject.