Friends > Chat

Welcome to the Chat Page!

This is where the social interaction takes place. You can "chat it up" with your friends and give support and encouragement to people you care about.

In order to chat with someone they have to be on your Friends List so be sure to invite all your friends to join Gluco-Share and become part of this great program.

At any time, you can chat with more of your friends by clicking on the link at the top right - "Go to My Friends List" - and clicking on their chat bubble.

Below where you type your message, you will find a complete history of all your chats with your current friend. The history will tell you who wrote the message, the date it was sent, and the time it was sent.


The best way to reach the Chat Page is via the Dashboard or via your Friends List. if you have had any chats so far with your friend, it will show up on your Dashboard. Just click on the Green Chat Bubble you see next to the listing. You can also go to your Chat Page by opening your Friends List and clicking the Green Chat Bubble under their name.
Do you want to know if your friend has read your message yet? All you have to do is look at your recent history and you will see "Send" or "Read" listed next to their names. "Send" means the message has been sent but your friend has not opened the message up yet. "Read" means the message has been read by your friend.
At the bottom of the Chat Page history list you will see a Next or Prev button to go through your pages of chat history. Your list will grow and grow as you use Gluco-Share and the Chat Page history only shows the last 5 chats. To see more, be sure to click on Next and Prev to page through your past chats and fun conversations with your friends.
If you ever feel your chats are "getting out of hand" and you feel you are not enjoying the chats with a certain friend, you can always go back to your Friends List and delete them from your list of friends. They will not be able to chat with you any further.