Friends > Check

On your Friends List page, click on the Check icon under their name to be taken to a page where you can see their Blood Glucose entries.


You will see the name of your Friend on this page to assure you that you are looking at the correct information for the correct person. If you are NOT able to Add or Delete BG readings for your Friend then you will see a page as pictured on the left. It will ONLY show the History for your Friend. Glucose Date will list the entries by Date and Time. The Value shows the BG Entry information. You may see only zeros for the entries. You need permission from your Friend to see the actual numbers. The Details icon can be clicked on to see a more detailed page of your entries. See Glucose Entry Details for more information.

The same page will look a bit different if you have permission to Add or Delete readings for your Friend. The difference will be the area that allows you to Add information for your Friend. The picture to the left shows what this looks like. Also when you go to see any of the Details regarding on of their entries, you will have an option to Delete the record. This option to Delete only occurs if you are able to Add a record. If you need to be able to Add and Delete records, ask your Friend for that permission. Only your Friend can allow you to that option.








At the bottom of the History table you will see a Next or Prev button to go through the pages of history. The list will grow and grow as you use Gluco-Share and the History table only shows the last 10 actions. To see more, be sure to click on Next and Prev to page through your Friend's information. After you go to the Next page, you will see a new button option appear - First Page. Clicking on the First Page button will take you back to the first page of the information so you can quickly and easily get back to the most current information and it will be displayed in the History table.