Friends > Edit Friend Permissions

When you are on your Friends List page you will see an icon to view, review, and edit your Friend's Permissions. This will only affect the Permissions you are giving them. If you need them to edit the Permissions they have given you, you will have to contact them and ask for them to change them in their Friends List.

Here you will see a page where you can review the Permissions your Friend currently has. At any time you may change those Permissions. Your three choices to set are as follows:

Can Your Friend Add and Delete a Glucose Entry For You?
- if you set this to YES, then they can add a Blood Glucose reading for you via the Check page or Delete a reading from your History.
Can Your Friend View Your Glucose Values? - if you set this to YES, then the actual numbers you entered will show up for them to see in your History, on their Dashboard, and under Check in their Friends List. If you are not comfortable with this, then turn it to NO.
Can Your Friend View Your Rewards and Receive Points? - if you set this to YES, then they can see your Challenges and see how you are doing with your readings being on time. Also every time you get 4 Gluco Points for an on-time reading, they will benefit by getting 2 Gluco Points for themselves. If you have a late reading, you will get 2 Gluco Points and they will get 1 Gluco Point. This a way for you to Reward your Friends for their support. For more information on the Point System and Reward Explanations, see the section concerning this subject.