Gluco-Points and How They Work

To help you strive to do your best, Gluco-Share has set up a system of Rewards. This allows you to turn your Readings into Rewards!

When you set up your Daily Challenges, which are specific time periods during each day, each time you do a Blood Glucose (BG) reading during that Daily Challenge you will be rewarded a Green Check that is worth 4 points. You can set up as many Daily Challenges as you would like.

Each time you meet the Challenge you will keep getting 4 points. There are up to 10 challenges in a day so if you select all of them you have the potential of attaining 40 points in one day! But you must enter your BG during the set time. If you are late entering your BG, you will still be rewarded. You will attain a Yellow Check that is worth 2 points.

Everyone who is your friend and is supporting you will also benefit from you reaching your goals. For every 4 points you achieve, they attain 2 points. For every late 2 points you achieve, they attain 1 point. This is to "thank" the friends who are supporting you.

What are Gluco-Points?

Gluco Points
are the points you see growing in your Gluco Points Bar on the top left of the menu. As the Gluco Points grow in number, the Gluco Points Bar itself will change colors at different levels to mark your progress. You will start off with Silver as a new member and as you progress your colors will keep changing. When you reach a new level (new color), you will be allowed to enter exciting new contests and events, play in competitions, enjoy the privileges of your high ranking with fun options, and receive Gluco-Share gifts for your outstanding loyalty to Gluco-Share.

Each level becoms a little harder to attain.

HERE IS A SECRET: Gluco Points can grow very quickly if you invite friends and family to support you. Not only do you get 4 points for each of your on-time entries, but each time your support team enters an on-time entry, you will get 2 points from them! The more friends - the more points! And you will be helping them to gain points and grow also.

Be sure you have given them permission to share in your points by saying "Yes" to "Can Your Friend View Your Rewards and Receive Points?" on the permissions page. For more details on how to set their permssions, follow this link. And be sure they have your permission set to "Yes" so you can gain from their on-time entries too! It's all about support!!