Rewards > Redeem

Great job! You have been working hard to reach your goals toward frequent and consistent Blood Glucose readings. You deserve to be rewarded! If you have been gaining Medallions - even just one - then it is time to turn those well-deserved Medallions into tangible Rewards! And this is just the place to accomplish that.

Look at your Medallion icon and you will see a number in the middle of it. You can see your Medallion at any time at the top left of the menu bar or you can see it on this page in the long Blue Bar. If you don't have any Medallions, you will see "0". You will still be able to visit the listed Vendors who are generously supplying Gluco-Share members with products and credits, but you will not be able to Redeem any thing for now. Please, keep trying and you will soon increase your Medallions in order to Redeem them for valuable merchandise and credits.

If you have one or more Medallions, then you can proceed to any of our Vendor's pages and turn your Medallions into Rewards! Click on either Vendor and see what is being offered for your Medallions.